A Lineman plugin for Angular projects (for a quickstart, see lineman-angular-template)
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This is a plugin to get started with Angular.js using Lineman. We recommend you look at our Angular template project as a starting point.

What's this plugin do?

This plugin will configure your lineman project to incorporate:

  • grunt-ng-annotate to handle minification, replacing uglify, in order to deal with Angular's function#toString()'ing to figure out what to inject into your methods.
  • grunt-angular-templates to compile the client-side *.html templates you add to app/templates


Keep in mind that grunt-angular-templates assumes that your module is named app. You'll need to override that in your lineman project if you'd like your templates on some other module, like so:

 ngtemplates: {
   options: {
     module: "myModuleName"