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A Lineman JS Template using Angular

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This is a project template for Angular JS applications using Lineman.

It includes the following features:

  1. Template Precompilation into Angulars $templateCache using grunt-angular-templates
  2. A basic login, logout service bound to sample routes inside config/server.js
  3. A router, and 2 views home and login
  4. A directive that shows a message on mouseover
  5. 2 Controllers, for home and login, with $scope variables set and bound
  6. A working, bound login form (username/password don't matter, but are required)
  7. Configured grunt-ng-annotate so you don't have to fully qualify angular dependencies.
  8. Auto generated sourcemaps with inlined sources via grunt-concat-sourcemap (you'll need to enable sourcemaps in Firefox/Chrome to see this)
  9. Unit Tests and End-to-End Tests
  10. Configuration to run Protractor for End-to-End Tests


  1. git clone my-lineman-app
  2. cd my-lineman-app
  3. sudo npm install -g lineman
  4. npm install
  5. lineman run
  6. open your web browser to localhost:8000

Running Tests

This template was used as the basis of @davemo's Testing Strategies for Angular JS screencast, and contains all the tests we wrote in the screencast and a few more!

To run the unit tests:

  1. lineman run from 1 terminal window
  2. lineman spec from another terminal window, this will launch Testem and execute specs in Chrome

To run the end-to-end tests:

End-to-End Tests

  1. npm install protractor
  2. ./node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update
  3. Make sure you have chrome installed.
  4. lineman run from 1 terminal window
  5. lineman grunt spec-e2e from another terminal window

Defining your apps angular.module in CoffeeScript

If you are using Coffeescript to define the angular.module for your app, you will need to swap the concat order in config/application.js such that coffeescript files are included before javascript. (If you are using JavaScript for defining the angular.module the default concat order is fine).

Add the following concat_sourcemap block to config/application.js if you want to define your app module in coffeescript:

module.exports = function(lineman) {
  return {

    concat_sourcemap: {
      js: {
        src: [
          "<%= files.js.vendor %>",
          "<%= %>",
          "<%= %>",
          "<%= files.ngtemplates.dest %>"


Hopefully this helps you get up and running with AngularJS!


A Lineman Application Template using AngularJS






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