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Turns out that lineman makes a great blogging engine!

Here's a screencast to demo usage for an older variant of Test Double's blog, Double Takes.

Getting Started

Here's how to publish a new blog to the web using github pages in minutes:

  1. Clone this repository with npx degit linemanjs/lineman-blog-template
  2. Install lineman if you haven't yet.
  3. Run npm install to install required project dependencies.
  4. Run npm start while you work on writing markdown files under app/posts.
  5. Turn on github pages for your repo.
  6. Customize the email within gh-pages-deploy.yml to the one you use for your github account and put it inside a .github/workflows folder in your repo.
  7. Commit your post and git push main, and your blog will be hosted on github pages once the actions workflow completes!


First, consider reading about grunt-markdown-blog, our grunt task that's doing almost all the heavy lifting here.

  • Just add markdown posts with an ".md" extension to app/posts and when you npm start or npm run build, they'll be rendered.
  • Configure your blog in config/
  • Customize your blog templates in app/templates.
  • RSS is generated for you at /index.xml and a JSON Feed at /index.json (set markdown.options.feedCount to 0 to disable both of these features)
  • Disqus support is included if you configure it.
  • You can, of course, add any Less/CSS or CoffeeScript/JavaScript as you can with any other Lineman application. See Lineman's documentation.
  • To build static assets to deploy some other way, just run npm run build and put the dist directory's contents somewhere.