Update our grunt-contrib deps to be more granular and less global #20

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We should specifically include the grunt-contrib tasks we are using instead of pulling in the global package:

As per discussion in #grunt on freenode that i witnessed:

robdodson: tkellen: would it be possible to update grunt-contrib to 0.3.0 on NPM? Right now it's stuck at 0.2.0 so I can't get the change to grunt-copy
tkellen: i didn't realize we hadn't pushed .3, so i added it
tkellen: you should really define your deps manually though, just grab the tasks you want directly at whatever version you want
tkellen: grunt-contrib is really just a handy way to show newcomers all the stuff


robdodson: tkellen: oh I didn't realize that. I thought you were supposed to grab grunt-contrib 
robdodson: thanks guys!
tkellen: robdodson: no worries man, we didn't have it documented super clearly anywhere.  it'll probably make grunt run even faster too, since you'll only be loading the tasks you care about

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With the transition to Grunt 0.4 complete this seems to be in a much better state, closing :)

@davemo davemo closed this Feb 13, 2013
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