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This codebase contains the software and hardware designs that allow Tautology's flame effects to be controlled by MIDI devices. Synferno is an group of flame effects that are sequenced, synchronized, and controlled by DJs and other electronic musicians. Beats and heats.

A synferno system consists of a console and one or more flame effects. The default configuration has one flame effect each on the right and left channels. Each flame effect has a pass-through SpeakOn port, which allows for multiple flame effects to be connected in series on stage left and stage right.


The synferno console is the device that sits in the DJ booth and allows the performer to synchronize her hardware to the flame effects.

Console Physical Layout

The back of the console has six interface components:

  • One DIN-5 MIDI input port
  • One knob potentiometer for calibration
  • One rocker-style power switch
  • One IEC power socket
  • Two SpeakOn connectors to drive the flame effects

The top of the console has ten interface components:

  • One blue LED indicating power supply status
  • One green LED indicating microcontroller status
  • One yellow LED indicating MIDI synchronization status
  • One orange LED indicating controller arming status
  • One red LED indicating fire control signal status
  • One rotary potentiometer to set poof frequency
  • One slide potentiometer to set flame duration
  • One key-lock switch to ensure user is permitted to run console
  • One arming switch to ensure user wants to run console
  • One big red button to initiate manual fire control signalling

Synferno Console Interface Layout

Console Block Diagram

Synferno Block Diagram

Console Bill of Materials

The following parts are required to build the Synferno console.

Subsystem Quantity Item Part
Interface 1x Console Enclosure Sloped Console Enclosure
Interface 1x Arming Toggle Switch Toggle Switch 631H-2
Interface 1x Arming Toggle Switch Cover Toggle Switch Cover GT-4R
Interface 1x Manual Fire Switch Sparkfun Big Red Button
Interface 1x Duration Slider Slide Potentiometer PTF01-151A-203B2
Interface 1x Duration Slider Cap Slide Control B/W
Interface 1x Calibration Knob Knob Potentiometer
Interface 1x Frequency Knob Rotary Potentiometer
Interface 1x Frequency Knob Cover Rotary Potentiometer Cover
Interface 1x Key Lock Key Lock KO128F2007
Power 1x Locking Power Cable NEMA5-15 IL13-US1-SVT-3100-183
Power 1x Power Socket IEC Socket
Power 1x Power Switch Rocker Switch
Power 1x 5v Power Supply 5V/2A power supply
Power 1x 12v Power Supply Intocircuit LCD 60W 12V 5A Adapter
MIDI 1x MIDI Cable Hosa MID-305BK 5-Pin DIN to 5-Pin DIN MIDI Cable
MIDI 1x MIDI DIN Socket 57PC5F DIN connector
MIDI 2x 220 Ohm Resistor 220 Ohm Resistor
MIDI 1x 4.7 Ohm Resistor 4.7k Ohm Resistor
MIDI 1x 1N914 Diode 1N914 Diode
MIDI 2x 1N4001 Diode 1N914 Diode
MIDI 1x 6N138 Optocoupler 6N138 Optocoupler
Status 5x 1k Ohm Resistor 1k Ohm Resistor
Status 1x Blue Power LED Blue LED
Status 1x Green Online LED Green LED
Status 1x Yellow Sync LED Yellow LED
Status 1x Orange Armed LED Orange LED
Status 1x Red Fire LED Red LED
Logic 1x Arduino Uno Arduino Uno
Logic 1x 4 Channel Relay Module SainSmart 20-018-901
Logic 1x 5V Power Rail Connector Wire Spool Red Connector Wire
Logic 1x 12V Power Rail Connector Wire Spool Yellow Connector Wire
Logic 1x Ground Plane Connector Wire Spool Black Connector Wire
Logic 1x Signaling Connector Wire Spool Blue Connector Wire
Fire 4x SpeakOn Port NL2MP SpeakOn Port
Fire 2x SpeakOn Cable SpeakOn Cable

Flame Effects

The design of the flame effects closely parallels the design of Mike Dodds' Amplifire design. Please reference his codebase for hardware designs of the flame effects.

When the flame effects are being used as Synferno accumulators, they are connected as with any other sound system component: with locking, interference-resistant SpeakOn cables. When the flame effects are being used as Amplifire accumulators, they are controlled via WiFi and infrared sensors.

Flame Effect Physical Layout

Flame Effect Physical Layout

Flame Effect Block Diagram

Flame Effect Block Diagram

Flame Effect Bill of Materials

  • 55 gallon drum
  • Milled steel, welding consumables
  • 5 gallon propane tank
  • Solenoid
  • Pilot
  • Regulator
  • Misc plumbing
  • 50’ propane line
  • 2x SpeakOn NL2MP ports



The code that allows Tautology's flame effects to be controlled by MIDI






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