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A resource single leasing point system for consolidated leasing physical and virtual machines.
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LingCloud is a suite of cloud computing system software. LingCloud provides a resource single leasing point system for consolidated leasing physical and virtual machines, and supports various heterogeneous application modes including high performance computing, large scale data processing, massive data storage, etc. on shared infrastructure. LingCloud can help to build private clouds for governments, enterprises, schools, and research institutes, and it is also suitable to construct public clouds for managing data centers.

The main part of LingCloud is licensed under Apache License 2.0. We welcome any organizations or individuals dedicated to cloud computing to get involved in the development of LingCloud sincerely. Let's contribute to the development of cloud computing ecosystem.

What Can LingCloud Do?

  • Resource partition

    • Physical machine resource is organized and managed by the unit of partition, which supports multiple application modes and resource usage modes
  • Resource leasing

    • Virtual and physical machines leasing is supported by the unit of cluster to achieve resource provisioning on demand
  • Application encapsulation

    • Make virtual appliances (virtual machine image template) through the web portal to help encapsulation and fast deployment of applications
    • More features to be released

What Advantages does LingCloud Have?

  • Intensive

    • Virtual resource management to make full use of hardware
    • Coexistence of physical machines and virtual machines to ensure performance requirements
    • Multiple resource scheduling strategies for different optimizing goals
  • Efficient

    • Lease on demand, fast cluster deployment
    • Clusters to be automatically configured with required application environment, "One-Click Deployment"
  • Security

    • Ensure isolation of LingCloud from application systems at runtime
    • Global single sign-on
    • Real-time monitor for resource running state
  • Usability

    • Easy to learn and low cost for management and maintenance
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