Scripts for analyzing sounds using Praat
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Scripts for analyzing sounds using Praat, created in whole or in part by Hiram Ring.

This repository contains several Praat scripts that automate various analyses for users. Descriptions of the scripts are contained within the scripts themselves, or in additional README files in folders where the scripts reside. Contributions/fixes/features are welcomed and encouraged.

Currently the repository contains the following scripts:

  • dur_f0_F1_F2_F3_intensity.praat

    • A script that gets duration, pitch, formant, and intensity values from the midpoint of a TextGrid-segmented WAV file.
  • draw_formants_plot_std_dev.praat

    • A script to draw formants from a CSV created by the previous script, and to plot circles/ovals that display their standard deviations.
  • Analyze_Tone_and_Plot.praat

    • A script to analyze and draw tone (pitch) tracks from properly annotated TextGrids with their WAV file pairs.