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CheckboxSetField which works with Int fields, ORing bits. An alternative to trying to use MultiEnum.
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Author: Luke Hudson

This is essentially a CheckboxSetField but it reads and writes to an Int field, ORing the values chosen. To use it, provide it with a source array in the constructor, which maps bit values to labels.


// In your DB definition, create an Int field
static $db = array(
	. . .
	'Format'	=> 	'Int'

. . .

// in getCMSFields, initialise the control, providing bit=>label mapping.
// Remember, the array indices represent bit values, so must be powers of two!
function getCMSFields() {
	. . .
	$formats = array(
		1	=>  'Print',
		2	=>	'Online',
		4	=>	'Email'
	$fields->push( new BitfieldSetField('Format', null, $formats) );
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