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LAIX Inc. (formerly LingoChamp Inc.)

We're hiring in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

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  1. Multitask、MultiThread(MultiConnection)、Breakpoint-resume、High-concurrency、Simple to use、Single/NotSingle-process

    Java 9.7k 2k

  2. 整合第三方 SDK 微信、微博、 QQ 等为统一的 Diplomat 接口。

    Objective-C 681 80

  3. ThirdParty login and share lib

    Java 697 182

  4. Forked from kaldi-asr/kaldi

    Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) Automatic Speech Recognition

    C++ 283 62

  5. MagicProgressCircle & MagicProgressBar

    Java 687 135

  6. 在Android上结合七牛提供的API,让加载图片更有效、更节流、更简单、更可控、更酷

    Java 524 78


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