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A simple wrapper view for UITextView that can display Furiganas.
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A simple wrapper view for UITextView that can display Furiganas.

Carthage compatible



Install using Carthage

FuriganaTextView has been tested to work well with Carthage. To install using Carthage:

  1. First, you need to add github "lingochamp/FuriganaTextView" to your Cartfile .
  2. When Carthage done building the frameworks, you will find a framework named LLS.framework contains the files needed for intergrating FuriganaTextView .
  3. Drag LLS.framework into your project.
  4. In the source file where you want to use FuriganaTextView, add import LLS, then you are ready to go.

Install Manually

Clone the repo then add all files inside /src into your project.

Then you are ready to go.


// Prepare furigana contents
// Note: The order of the furiganas provided to the FuriganaTextView is important.
// It must be ascending in manner of the location of the range,
// otherwise the furiganas may not be rendered at the correct position.
let furiganas = [
  Furigana(text: "", original: "", range: NSMakeRange(0, 1)),
  Furigana(text: "なか", original: "", range: NSMakeRange(1, 1)),
let contents = NSAttributedString(string: "田中さん、中華料理を食べたことありますか。")

// Tell FuriganaTextView about 
// the furiganas (which is an array of the Furigana struct) 
// and the contents to display (a NSAttributedString)
furiganaTextView.furiganas = furiganas
furiganaTextView.contents = contents

// To customize the text view, use the contentView
// contentView will return a valid UITextView after
// the contents has been set
furiganaTextView.contentView?.backgroundColor = UIColor.lightGray


  • Builds with Xcode 8 and Swift 3
  • Supports iOS 7 and above

Why not CTRubyAnnotation and CoreText

FuriganaTextView is built on top of TextKit and treats furiganas as custom attributes on the contents NSAttributedString.

The custom furigana attributes can coexist with any other text attributes (e.g. NSFontAttributeName, NSForegroundColorAttributeName, etc.).

We built it this way because we want to support iOS 7, and we want to take advantage of the high level features TextKit API offeres.

Known Issues

  • The textContainerInset property of the wrapped UITextView seems not working correctly.
  • Furiganas displayed in vertical writing is not implemented yet.
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