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The rtl8192eu drivers for NI Real Time Linux
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if you want to use this driver on NI Real Time Linux System , follow step are need:

1. download the driver file

cd # your path #
mkdir drivers
git clone

2. if your device is IC-3173, you can directly use the kernel object file

cp 8192eu.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel
#where uname -r is a command that gets information about the current kernel version
modprob 8192eu

if your device is others ,you need to build the driver

cd rtl8192eu_nirtlinux_driver
# edit Make file to suitalbe your system version
vi Makefile  # edit the platform part

# set enviroment variable
source /usr/local/natinst/tools/
versioning_call make
# then do the same as IC-3173

3. then use 'ifconfig' can make sure driver is installed

as for the driver can autmatic config at boot, you need to config the network in NI-Max, see:

====== end ==========

========= folows are original readme ==============

rtl8192eu linux drivers

NOTE: This branch is based on Realtek's driver versioned 4.4.1. master is based on originally.

The official drivers for D-Link DWA-131 Rev E, with patches to keep it working on newer kernels. Also works on Rosewill RNX-N180UBE v2 N300 Wireless Adapter.

NOTE: This is just a "mirror". I have no knowledge about this code or how it works. Expect no support from me or any contributors here. I just think GitHub is a nicer way of keeping track of this than random forum posts and precompiled binaries being sent by email. I don't want someone else to have to spend 5 days of googling and compiling with random patches until it works.

Source for the official drivers

Official drivers were downloaded from D-Link Australia. D-Link USA and the european countries I checked only lists revision A and B. Australia lists all three.

  • [Download page for DWA-131][driver-downloads]
  • [Direct download link for Linux drivers][direct-download]
    • GitHub will not link to the ftp:// schema. Raw link contents:

In addition, you can find the contents of this version in the initial commit of this repo: [1387cf623d54bc2caec533e72ee18ef3b6a1db29][initial-commit]


You can see the applied patches, their sources and/or motivation by looking at the commits. The master branch will mostly be kept clean with a single commit per patch, except for Pull Requests. You can review commit by commit and then record the SHA in order to get a safe reference to use. As long as the SHA stays the same you know that what you get has been reviewed by you.

Note that updates to this README will show up as separate commits. I will not mix changes to this file with changes to the code in case you want to mirror this without the README.

Building and installing using DKMS

This tree supports Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS), a system for generating kernel modules from out-of-tree kernel sources. It can be used to install/uninstall kernel modules, and the module will be automatically rebuilt from source when the kernel is upgraded (for example using your package manager).

  1. Install DKMS and other required tools

    • for normal Linux systems
    $ sudo apt-get install git linux-headers-generic build-essential dkms
    • for Raspberry Pi
    $ sudo apt-get install git raspberrypi-kernel-headers build-essential dkms
  2. Add the driver to DKMS. This will copy the source to a system directory so that it can used to rebuild the module on kernel upgrades.

    $ sudo dkms add .
  3. Build and install the driver.

    $ sudo dkms install rtl8192eu/1.0

The Makefile is preconfigured to handle most x86/PC versions. If you are compiling for something other than an intel x86 architecture, you need to first select the platform, e.g. for the Raspberry Pi, you need to set the I386 to n and the ARM_RPI to y:

# cd /usr/src/rtl8192eu
# sudo make clean
# sudo make
# sudo make install
# sudo modprobe -a rtl8192eu
  1. Check that your kernel has loaded the right module:
   $ lshw -c network
   You should see the line ```driver=8192eu```
If you wish to uninstall the driver at a later point, use
_sudo dkms uninstall rtl8192eu/1.0_. To completely remove the driver from DKMS use
_sudo dkms remove rtl8192eu/1.0 --all_.

## Submitting patches

1. Fork repo
2. Do your patch in a topic branch
3. Open a pull request on GH, or send it by email to `Magnus Bergmark <>`.
4. I'll squash your commits when everything checks out and add it to `master`.

## Copyright and licenses

The original code is copyrighted, but I don't know by whom. The driver download does not contain license information; please open an issue if you are the copyright holder.

Most C files are licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

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