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package vaku
import (
vapi ""
// Client is a simple wrapper around a real Vault API client. All Vaku
// functions are defined on Client as well, which lets anyone already
// using a Vault Client easily make use of Vaku.
type Client struct {
// NewClient returns a new empty Vaku Client. Using this function requires
// that you initialize and set the nested Vault client on your own before
// Vaku functions will work.
func NewClient() *Client {
return &Client{}
// NewClientFromVaultClient takes in an official Vault Client that you have
// already created and returns a Vaku client that wraps your Vault client.
func NewClientFromVaultClient(vc *vapi.Client) *Client {
vakuClient := NewClient()
vakuClient.Client = vc
return vakuClient
// CopyClient is a client for copy operations where the source address/namespace/token is different from
// target address/namespace/token. The source is a client for the source of the copy, target is a client for the target
// of the copy
type CopyClient struct {
Source *Client
Target *Client
// NewCopyClient returns a new empty CopyClient. Using this function requires
// that caller initialize and set the source / target client.
func NewCopyClient() *CopyClient {
return &CopyClient{}
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