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package vaku
import (
// folderSearchWorkerInput takes input/output channels for input to the job
type folderSearchWorkerInput struct {
inputsC <-chan *PathInput
searchS string
resultsC chan<- *folderSearchWorkerOutput
// folderSearchWorkerOutput is the data returned by a FolderSearch worker
type folderSearchWorkerOutput struct {
path string
match bool
err error
// FolderSearch takes in a PathInput and a search string. It then calls FolderList() on that path
// and concurrently runs PathSearch() on every returned path in the list. It returns a list of paths
// at which the search string was found. Note that running this function against a path that is not
// a folder will produce an error, to search a single path you should use PathSearch() instead.
func (c *Client) FolderSearch(i *PathInput, s string) ([]string, error) {
var err error
var output []string
// Init the path to get mount info
i.opType = "read"
err = c.InitPathInput(i)
if err != nil {
return output, fmt.Errorf("failed to init path %s: %w", i.Path, err)
// Get all of the paths to search
list, err := c.FolderList(&PathInput{
Path: i.Path,
TrimPathPrefix: true,
if err != nil {
return output, fmt.Errorf("failed to list folder at %s: %w", i.Path, err)
// Concurrency channels for workers
inputsC := make(chan *PathInput, len(list))
resultsC := make(chan *folderSearchWorkerOutput, len(list))
// Spawn workers equal to MaxConcurrency
for w := 1; w <= MaxConcurrency; w++ {
go c.folderSearchWorker(&folderSearchWorkerInput{
inputsC: inputsC,
searchS: s,
resultsC: resultsC,
// Add all paths to search to the path channel
for _, p := range list {
inputsC <- &PathInput{
Path: c.PathJoin(i.Path, p),
mountPath: i.mountPath,
mountlessPath: i.mountlessPath,
mountVersion: i.mountVersion,
// Empty the results channel into output
for j := 0; j < len(list); j++ {
o := <-resultsC
if o.err != nil {
err = fmt.Errorf("failed to search path %s: %w", o.path, err)
if o.match {
if i.TrimPathPrefix {
outputPath := c.PathJoin(strings.TrimPrefix(o.path, i.Path))
output = append(output, outputPath)
} else {
output = append(output, o.path)
return output, err
// folderSearchWorker does the work of searching a single path
func (c *Client) folderSearchWorker(i *folderSearchWorkerInput) {
for {
input, more := <-i.inputsC
if more {
match, err := c.PathSearch(input, i.searchS)
output := &folderSearchWorkerOutput{
err: err,
path: input.Path,
match: false,
if err != nil {
output.err = fmt.Errorf("failed to search path %s: %w", input.Path, err)
i.resultsC <- output
if match {
output.match = true
i.resultsC <- output
} else {
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