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package vaku
import (
// MountInfoOutput holds output for MountInfo. This data can be useful for
// determining which key/value engine version a path is mounted on and acting
// accordingly.
type MountInfoOutput struct {
FullPath string // The original input path
MountPath string // The path of the mount
MountlessPath string // The FullPath with the MountPath removed
MountVersion string // The version of the mount, default "unknown"
// MountInfo gets information about the mount at the specified path that can be
// used to determine what actions to take on that path.
func (c *Client) MountInfo(p string) (*MountInfoOutput, error) {
var err error
var output MountInfoOutput
mounts, err := c.Sys().ListMounts()
if err != nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("failed to list mounts: %w", err)
// Assumes that all mounts have unique prefixes
// i.e that there cannot a sec/ and secret/
for mount, data := range mounts {
if strings.HasPrefix(p, mount) {
version, ok := data.Options["version"]
if !ok {
version = "unknown"
output.FullPath = c.PathJoin(p)
output.MountPath = c.PathJoin(mount)
output.MountlessPath = c.PathJoin(strings.TrimPrefix(p, mount))
output.MountVersion = version
// Use this as a check to see if a mount was found
if output.FullPath == "" {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("MountInfo: Mount not found")
return &output, err
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