study the LKL(linux kernel library)
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study the LKL(linux kernel library)

Only apply to 64Bit Linux with ipv4 network.

Rinetd version(with LKL and raw socket backend)


  1. compile static library liblkl.a

refer to

Linux(LKL)'s kernel configuration file is the .config file in this repository, it need to be placed at the root directory of the LKL repository.

  1. compile rinetd(with lkl)

refer to

replace /home/vagrant/lkl/linux/tools/lkl/liblkl.a and /home/vagrant/lkl/linux/tools/lkl/include with your actual LKL path.


rinetd(lkl) with bbr powered congestion control

wget "" -O /usr/bin/rinetd

rinetd(lkl) with bbr congestion control

wget "" -O /usr/bin/rinetd

rinetd(lkl) with pcc congestion control

wget "" -O /usr/bin/rinetd

For usage, refer to:

One-key script

Thanks to @phuslu for his one-key script


  curl | bash

      The configuration file generated by one-key script is /etc/rinetd-bbr.conf. By default, it only proxy(speed up) port 443and80, modify the port number as needed.

Determine if function

Use top command, view process rinetd's CPU usage. The faster of network speed, the bigger of CPU usage.


  1. Dependency: iptables, grep, cut, xargs. Usual linux have these tools,But some linux use firewalld instead of iptables, it need install iptables
  2. For KVM VPS, need to change venet0:0 to the name of the network interface which have KVM's public IP, normally it is eth0

Some technical details