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IPF for lorenz63
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I will release a package(DHIPF-RNN) in Python AFTER two related papers got published in 2020.

About me: I am doing research on Nonlinear Filtering Algorithm under the supervision of Dr. Gallivan and Dr. Bao

My research > A new algorithm (Drift homotopy implicit particle filter or DHIPF) is proposed which is a combination of Implicit sampling and homotopy method. We showed by experiments that DHIPF is faster than drift homotopy particle filters in computations while at same accuracy level. And DHIPF is more accurate (in the measure of Mean square error ) than IPF when we have sparse observations and accurate prediction dynamics. > A new algorithm to improve RNN in stochastic process predictions is proposed. By representing the recurrent information(a deterministic vector) by a distribution which approximated by particles, we could improve the training process of RNN


  1. Textbooks

    Large collection of chapters on the subject, a bit outdated now but good to start with.

    My favorate book. A self-contained survey, which systematically investigate the roots of Bayesian filtering as well as its rich leaves in the literature.

    Everything you want to know about the theory behind SMC, also includes nice non-standard applications. The notation can appear a little bit overwhelming at the beginning but anyone who has worked on the subject learn to appreciate how powerful they are eventually.

    A comprehensive treatment of hidden Markov models which includes a few chapters on SMC methods.

    An introduction to advanced nonlinear filtering methods including SMC supported by Matlab examples.

  2. A table of researchers and their focus in Data Assimilation
    (click author's name to reach to a specific list of papers.)

Name Research in Data Assimilation Group
Andrew Stuart Data Assimilation as Inverse Problem Caltech
Arnaud Doucet; Nando De Freitas; Chris Snyder; Neil Gordon SMC;MCMC Cambridge & Oxford
Alexandre Chorin; Xuemin Tu; Matthias Morzfield Implicit Particle Filter UC-Berkeley
Michael Pitt; Neil Shephard Auxiliary Particle Filter Harvard
Maroulas; Panos Stinis; Feng Bao Drift Homotopy Particle Filter UT-Knoxville & ORNL
Ramon Van Handel; Xin Tong; Patrick Rebeschini High Dimensional Particle Filter, Local Method Princeton
Geir Evensen Ensemble Kalman Filter NORCE
PJ Van Leeuven Equal Weight, High Dimensional Particle Filter Univ. of Reading
Shijun Liao Homotopy Method SJTU
Pierre Del Moral Theoretical Data Assimilation (Feyman-Kac formulae) INRIA Bordeaux
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