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Semantic Versioning

We are in active development of the content at the moment, and breaking changes are to be expected as we encounter new use cases. The version of the documents is thus below 1.0, somewhere about 0.8 (if that means anything) as what we have is reasonably stable but we do not guarantee it!

Installation Instructions

We use mkdocs to manage the transformation from the easy-to-edit markdown content, into the nicely styled static HTML for the website. We use github to manage distributed contributions and continuous deployment.

To get up and running you need python 3.x, plus pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then run ./ to generate all the example JSON-LD files and the site into .site Note that runs mkdocs build twice ... the second time generates the example index that is created on the first run through, and makes sure the example documents are correctly processed. Then run mkdocs serve to run a local webserver at http://localhost:8000/ to view the site. If you change a document and the webserver is running, then it will detect the change ... but rebuild over and over again due to the previous issue of changing the example documents.

Commits to the master branch will auto-deploy via our hosting provider, netlify, to the Linked Art site. Going to any branch will list all of the available previews.

Pull requests from any branch, regardless of which repository they're from, will auto-deploy to previews at, where NNN is the numeric identifier of the pull request. Commits on these branches with open PRs will re-deploy the preview.

Branches on this site will auto-deploy to and thus a branch named "test" would result in a preview site at

Our thanks to Netlify for an "Open Source" account, giving access to the equivalent of a paid account's functionality.

Contributions Welcome!

Please join our discussions. How to get involved is described at:

Editorial Contributions

Most significant editorial changes are handled only after discussion with the community, filing of an issue and consensus around the solution. As this work is ongoing and very active, we are not currently tracking versions of the documents individually, or backwards incompatible changes.

Pull requests for typo corrections and other non-normative changes are very welcome from anyone.

Technical Contributions

Technical infrastructure improvements, such as tests, coverage or other integrations, are welcome but do drop by slack to discuss them first. Stylistic or HTML changes are the same.


  • Fixed the known gotchas with the shift to mkdocs from hyde. Doubtless there are new ones!


Past Contributors

  • David Newbury
  • Matthew Lincoln


Development of a specification for linked data in museums, using existing ontologies and frameworks to build usable, understandable APIs







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