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Add try catch around some loadds

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commit 6f509380f48e0e5fd3b50bd4518cf65ceabfdee9 1 parent 6502479
Tim Berners-Lee authored
Showing with 26 additions and 21 deletions.
  1. +26 −21 js/init/init.js
47 js/init/init.js
@@ -45,33 +45,38 @@ dump("@@@ init.js Inital setting of tabulator.log\n");
tabulator.rdf = $rdf;
-//Load the icons namespace onto tabulator.
-//And Namespaces..
-//And Panes.. (see the below file to change which panes are turned on)
-//And Preferences mechanisms.
-//Now, load tabulator sourceWidget code.. the sources.js became rdf/web.js
+//Common code has the stackString fucntion useful for reporting errors
+dump("@@Start of covered load\n")
+try {
+ //Load the icons namespace onto tabulator.
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/init/icons.js");
+ //And Namespaces..
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/init/namespaces.js");
+ //And Panes.. (see the below file to change which panes are turned on)
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/init/panes.js");
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/jscolor/jscolor.js");
+ //And Preferences mechanisms.
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/init/prefs.js");
-//And, finally, all non-pane UI code.
-//Oh, and the views!
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/tab/sources-ext.js");
+ //And, finally, all non-pane UI code.
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/tab/labeler.js");
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/tab/request.js");
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/tab/outlineinit.js");
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/tab/userinput.js");
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/tab/outline.js");
+ //Oh, and the views!
+ tabulator.loadScript("js/init/views.js");
+} catch(e) {
+ dump('Tabulator init.js: '+tabulator.Util.stackString(e)+'\n');
tabulator.requestUUIDs = {};
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