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API for LODMAP2D application

LODMAP2D-api is a set of linked data resources to feed a LODMAP2D application. The code queries a Bubble Graph Ontology contained into a knowledge graph through a SPARQL service endpoint.

LODMAP2D-api exposes the following resources:

resource payload
/[domain_id/]app[.extension] common LODMAP2D application layout data.
/[domain_id/]table-view[.extension] LODMAP2D tableview metadata
/[domain_id/]overview[.extension] LODMAP2D data for overview
/[domain_id/]partitions[.extension] LODMAP2D data for all partition views
/[domain_id/]account-view[.extension] LODMAP2D data for AccountView and related perspective
/[domain_id/]accounts-index[.extension] LODMAP2D data for all account
/[domain_id/]account/account_id[.extension] LODMAP2D data for a account_id account.
/[domain_id/]credits[.extension] LODMAP2D application credits data
/[domain_id/]terms[.extension] LODMAP2D application terms & conditions data
/bgo[.extension] returns all BGO data in the knowledge graph

These APIs are designed to support this LODMAP2d config rules:

    { "regexp": ".*", "targets": [LODMAP2D_DATA + "app.ttl"] },
    { "regexp": ".*/(table|partition|account).*$", "targets": [LODMAP2D_DATA + "accounts-index.ttl"] },
    { "regexp": ".*/table$", "targets": [LODMAP2D_DATA + "table-view.ttl"], "isLast": true },
    { "regexp": ".*/partition/(\\w+)$", "targets": [LODMAP2D_DATA + "overview.ttl", LODMAP2D_DATA + "partitions.ttl"], "isLast": true },
    { "regexp": ".*/account/(\\w+)$", "targets": [LODMAP2D_DATA + "account-view.ttl", LODMAP2D_DATA + "account/$1.ttl"], "isLast": true },
    { "regexp": ".*/(credits|terms)$", "targets": [LODMAP2D_DATA + "$1.ttl"], "isLast": true }

where LODMAP2D_DATA contains the URL of the api server.

Experimental feature:

It is also possible to query a subdomain prefixing the resources with the sub domain id, e.g.

  • /my_domain/app

If no resources found, an empty RDF graph is returned.

LODMAP2D-api supports HTTP content negotiation and the extensions: ttl, turtle, n3, txt, nt, ntriples, rdf, xml, rdfs, owl, jsonld, json . If none specified, turtle is used.

Only UTF8 charset supported.

Quickstart with docker

The project is shipped with a Docker setup that makes it easy to get a containerized environment up and running. If you do not already have Docker on your computer, it's the right time to install it.

docker-compose up -d

This process will run and populate a knowledge graph with the BGO test data and will run an instance of the latest LODMAP2D-api image:

let the system warm-up for about 30 seconds and try APIs from Postman of from your browser:

Using LODMAP2D-api with LODMAP2D:

LODMAP2D-api supports out-of-the-box the default LODMAP2D docker image . Just let the environment variable LODMAP2D_DATA pointing to your api server. Try with:

docker run -d --name app -e LODMAP2D_DATA=http://localhost:8000/ -p 8080:80 linkeddatacenter/lodmap2d

Point your browser to http://localhost/ and enjoy.

cleanup docker resources:

docker rm -f app
docker-compose down

Using the Docker image

LODMAP2D-api is available in DockerHub repository.

The images is optimized for http disk caching.

The linkeddatacenter/lodmap2d-api supports following environment variables:

  • LODMAP2D_BACKEND refers to the SPARQL service endpoint URL (defaults to http://sdaas:8080/sdaas/sparql ) of a knowledge graph containing a BGO
  • LODMAP2D_CORS_ALLOWEDORIGINS that defaults to '*'
  • LODMAP2D_CACHE_EXPIRE resource expiration time. Defaults to '+1 hour', accepts any valid DateTime string

For example: docker --rm run -e LODMAP2D_BACKEND= -p 8000:80 linkeddatacenter/lodmap2d-api


See CONTRIBUTING file for more info.


MIT. Please see License File for more information.


Linked data resources to feed LODMAP2D applications







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