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Welcome to EKBCP

EKBCP project provides an interactive control panel for [LinkedData.Center services] (http://LinkedData.Center/) and was initially developed in Esino Lario during wikimedia 2016 in LinkedData.Center Campus in Esino Lario (Italy).

EKBCP uses YASGUI and 3Dsparql libraries integrated with the [EKB APIs] (http://LinkedData.Center/api) provided by LinkedData.Center

Have a look to our EKBCP service running at

The project is still ongoing..

How to use/modify

You need LinkedData.Center credential to access a knowledge base ( endpoint, usename and password).

  1. clone locally the project and publish web directory in a web server (you can use some feature just opening the file directly from browser)
  2. set your LinkedData.Center credentials in the upper right menu and enjoy the web interface. You can use demo read only credentials (, demo, demo) or appy for a free tier subcription.

This project use aggeressively all cache leves (browser, http , CDN, applicative, graph db, etc), if you make modification to sources plesase remember to clean all cached info before testing your modifications.


Thomas Abbondi, Enrico Biella, Leonardo Longhi, Tommaso Redaelli, Prof. Raffaele Milani, Prof. Gennaro Malafronte from Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore 'Alessandro Greppi'


EKBCP is Copyright by LinkedData.Center and is freely available with MIT license.