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How to use Linked Data eBook source

Linked Data has established itself as the de facto means for the publication of structured data over the Web, enjoying amazing growth in terms of the number of organizations committing to use its core principles for exposing and interlinking data sets for seamless exchange, integration, and reuse. More and more ICT ventures offer innovative data management services on top of Linked (Open) Data, creating a demand for data practitioners possessing skills and detailed knowledge in this area. Ensuring the availability of such expertise will prove crucial if businesses are to reap the full benefits of these advanced data management technologies, and the know-how accumulated over the past years by researchers, technology enthusiasts and early adopters.

This book aims at facilitating professional training for data practitioners that want to use Linked Data in their daily work. The intended audience of this book is:

- Practitioners interested in using cutting-edge technologies to analyze and make sense of large amounts of structured data.
- Technology enthusiasts aiming to broaden their knowledge on one of most exciting and rapidly evolving topic related to Big Data and open-access policies.
- Researchers in the Semantic Web community who want to gain basic, down-to-earth knowledge about proven-and-tested technologies for using Linked data.
- Researchers in other disciplines interested to use Linked Data technologies to optimize specific data management aspects related to the scientific data they operate on.

Each chapter of this book is targeting a different crucial task related to Linked Data.

Why this book

There are many resources about Linked Data and semantic web technologies in the web. Because this topic is about more than 10 years of intense reseach, it is frequent to find Internet a lot of good quality resources that are not update with the recent web evolution and/or link dead pages. So I decided to start from the great work made by the Euclid project (that now is complete but no more maintained) to collect fresh things and to contribute to build a solid learaning base for LinkedData.Center customers.

This book is intended to be lightweight in size (so you can easily download and shared it); for this reason I removed all videos that where embedded in the original Euclid release. In next release will try to reintroduce some Youtube. The size of first compiled ePub release is now 20MB.

This is a collaborative project, please fill free to add contributions and signal typo and other errors. The compiled e-book, last version, can be downloaded by free from the download area of LinkedData.Center (registration required)


This book is derived from the results of the EU FP7 EUCLID project of the European Community under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development. This document does not represent the opinion of the original Euclid partners and nor of the European Commission. The Eu ropean Commission and the Euclid project is not responsible for any use that might be made of its content.

Acknowledges: E. Fagnoni, E. Norton, B. Acosta, M. Maleshkova, M. Domingue, J., Mikroyannidis, A. Mulholland .

Except for third party materials and otherwise stated, the content of this site is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


How to use Linked Data eBook source



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