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Welcome to LinkedData.Center SDaaS Platform Community Edition (SDaaS-CE)

A platform to build knowledge graphs.

This is an open source implementation of the LinkeData.Center SDaaS™ product. See documentation in SDaaS wiki.

The SDaaS requires docker

This implementation embeds a sdaas-rdfstore based on blazegraph.

Try a short on-line demo of the platform.

🚀 Quickstart

This command will start a sdaas platform attached to an internal rdfstore with a micro memory foorprint

docker run --rm -ti -p 8080:8080 linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce --reboot

browse local reasoner at http://localhost:8080/sdaas type exit to leave the platform.

This command is the same as the previous but does not expose the workbench and uses a small memory foorprint

docker run --rm -ti -e SDAAS_SIZE=small linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce

To run sdaas platform withouth the local rdfstore

docker run --rm -ti -e SD_NOWARMUP=1 linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce

Use this command to start and stop by hand a local micro rdfstore:

SD_START_LOCAL_REASONING_ENGINE # you can specify the required memory footprint, default=micro

Start test environment

** build local image:**

docker build -t sdaas .

Smoke tests:

Manually start sdaas cli without the local reasoner

docker run --name sdmp --rm -ti -v ${PWD}:/workspace --entrypoint bash sdaas
git --version
jq --version
yq --version
gettext --version
command -v csvtool
command -v

Unit tests:

In order to run unit tests bats is needed (see ):

bats tests/unit/

Functional tests:

To run functional and system tests you will need the local instance of blazegraph. By default, test scripts expect blazegraph endpoint at http://localhost:8080/sdaas but you can configure a different address exporting the the SD_SPARQL_ENDPOINT. The instance of blazegraph must share /workspace volume with sdaas.

For functional test execute:

/sdaas-start -d  #start embedded graph engine in background
bats tests/functional

System tests:

For system test, verify that the host is able to access Internet then execute

bats tests/system/platform
SD_SPARQL_QUERY csv "SELECT (COUNT(?s) AS ?edges) WHERE{?s?p?o}"
curl -d ESTCARD http://localhost:8080/sdaas/sparql
# in both case you should >  31K triples 

To free the docker resources:


Have a look also to the developer wiki

Push to docker hub

To push a new docker image to docker hub:

docker login
# input the docker hub credentials...
docker build -t linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce .
docker tag linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce:3.3.1
docker push linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce
docker push linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce:3.3.1

Credits and license

The sdaas community edition platform is derived from LinkedData.Center SDaas Product and licensed with MIT by LinkedData.Center

Copyright (C) 2018-2021 LinkedData.Center SRL

  • All Rights Reserved Permission to copy and modify is granted under the MIT license