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A dockerized blazegraph instance certified for sdaas

The sdaas-rdfstore requires docker

Build local image

docker build -t sdaas-rdfstore .

Smoke tests

Note on windows user: define export MSYS_NO_PATHCONV=1 to avoid unwanted path conversion see this note

docker run -d --name rdfstore -p 8080:8080 sdaas-rdfstore
sleep 10;docker exec rdfstore test -f /var/lib/rdfStore/rdfStore.jnl || echo KO
curl -X POST \
 --data-binary "LOAD <>" \
 --header "Content-Type: application/sparql-update" \
 http://localhost:8080/sdaas/sparql  || echo KO

Test workbench:

  • point browser to http://localhost:8080/sdaas to see workbench interface
  • in the UPDATE tab, tray executing: DROP ALL; LOAD <>
  • free docker resource typing docker rm -f rdfstore

sdaas-start options

To print sdaas-start usage: docker run --rm -t sdaas-rdfstore --help

Smart Data as a Service (SDaaS) knowledge graph engine
Copyright (C) 2018-2020

startup options:

-d, --background
execute the platform as a daemon

   disallow mutations in graph database

--size micro|small|medium|large|xlarge|xxlarge|custom

memory footprints and performances related to size:

size value required RAM edges (triples)
micro (default) 512M <200K
small 2GB <5M
medium 4GB <10M
large 8GB <50M
xlarge 16GB <100M
xxlarge 32GB <500M
custom depends

The micro size is suitable for test and development environment.

The custom size let to you setting up proper configurations, see

To persist data and improve performances, you should mount as a fast volume the directory /var/lib/rdfStore

Push to docker hub

To push a new docker image to docker hub:

docker login
docker build -t linkeddatacenter/sdaas-rdfstore .
docker tag linkeddatacenter/sdaas-rdfstore linkeddatacenter/sdaas-rdfstore:2.1.5
docker push linkeddatacenter/sdaas-rdfstore
docker push linkeddatacenter/sdaas-rdfstore:2.1.5