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Linked Open Data Enhancer
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  • load and install "Play Framework" (
  • clone the project and verify that the project is adjusted to your play framework version (./lode/project/
  • compile (play compile) and start (play run) the project.

TODO: Add documentation for Tomcat, OpenRDF Sesame Workbench, etc.


There are 3 databases involved in LODE: the H2 Settings Database, the MySQL wikiStat database, and the OpenRDF triples database. Note that in all URLs below localhost will need to be replaced with the server name (e.g.,

H2 Database

This is initialized in the LODE framework.

The H2 Database stores the configuration settings from the Config tab of the web interface or the app/Settings/ file in the code.

A user-friendly browser can be intiialized with play then running h2-browser at the command line. http://localhost:8082/. For remote access add a file ~/ with the contents webAllowOthers=true.

MySQL Database

The MySQL Database stores the output of the wikiPrep algorithm. It can be accessed using PHPMyAdmin: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

OpenRDF Database

The OpenRDF database stores the triples and the linkages created by LODE. It can be accessed at http://localhost:8080/openrdf-workbench/.

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