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Unless I'm mistaken, it seems that TableView in its current form is dependent upon the use of Backbone.History. Is this necessary?

For example, on line 113 in JS, in TableView.prototype.initialize():

TableView.prototype.initialize = function() {
//... = $.extend({}, this.initialData, this.parseQueryString(Backbone.history.fragment));

this code block is called without checking to see if Backbone.history exists.

Yet elsewhere in the code, in TableView.prototype.updateUrl() (line 193 in JS):

TableView.prototype.updateUrl = function(replace) {
if (this.router) {
    uri = Backbone.history.fragment;

You check for the existence of this.router before attempting to access Backbone.history.fragment.

Is the use of Backbone.History necessary for TableView, and if not, can this issue be corrected?

I "fixed" this by performing another check in TableView.prototype.initialize for this.router before merging data from this.parseQueryString(Backbone.history.fragment) into ex: = $.extend({}, this.initialData);
if (this.router) { = $.extend(, this.parseQueryString(Backbone.history.fragment));

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jpbottaro commented Sep 25, 2012

Thanks for this fragnemesis! I did the fix you described in coffeescript.

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