HTTP Endpoint

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The HTTP Server in Burrow provides a convenient way to interact with both Burrow and the Kafka and Zookeeper clusters. Requests are simple HTTP calls (most of them are GET requests), and all responses are formatted as JSON.

Error Responses

For bad requests, Burrow will return an appropriate HTTP status code in the 400 or 500 range. The response body will contain a JSON object with more detail on the particular error encountered:

  "error": true,
  "message": "Detailed error message",
  "request": {
    "uri": "/path/to/request",
    "host": "",

Request Endpoints

The table below lists all of the supported HTTP requests and links to a detailed page on each one that shows the request and response formats.

Request Method URL Format
Healthcheck GET /burrow/admin
List Clusters GET /v3/kafka
Kafka Cluster Detail GET /v3/kafka/(cluster)
List Consumers GET /v3/kafka/(cluster)/consumer
List Cluster Topics GET /v3/kafka/(cluster)/topic
Get Consumer Detail GET /v3/kafka/(cluster)/consumer/(group)
Consumer Group Status GET /v3/kafka/(cluster)/consumer/(group)/status /v3/kafka/(cluster)/consumer/(group)/lag
Remove Consumer Group DELETE /v3/kafka/(cluster)/consumer/(group)
Get Topic Detail GET /v3/kafka/(cluster)/topic/(topic)
Get General Config GET /v3/config
List Cluster Modules GET /v3/config/cluster
Get Cluster Module Config GET /v3/config/cluster/(name)
List Consumer Modules GET /v3/config/consumer
Get Consumer Module Config GET /v3/config/consumer/(name)
List Notifier Modules GET /v3/config/notifier
Get Notifier Module Config GET /v3/config/notifier/(name)
List Evaluator Modules GET /v3/config/evaluator
Get Evaluator Module Config GET /v3/config/evaluator/(name)
List Storage Modules GET /v3/config/storage
Get Storage Module Config GET /v3/config/storage/(name)
Get Log Level GET /v3/admin/loglevel
Set Log Level POST /v3/admin/loglevel