Bluepill is a reliable iOS testing tool that runs UI tests using multiple simulators on a single machine
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Bluepill is a tool to run iOS tests in parallel using multiple simulators.


LinkedIn created Bluepill to run iOS tests in parallel using multiple simulators.


  • Running tests in parallel by using multiple simulators.
  • Automatically packing tests into groups with similar running time.
  • Running tests in headless mode to reduce memory consumption.
  • Generating a junit report after each test run.
  • Reporting test running stats, including test running speed and environment robustness.
  • Retrying when the Simulator hangs or crashes.


It is quick and easy to start using Bluepill!

  • Get bluepill binary: build from source or use our releases.
  • Build your app and test bundle. Remember to include build-for-testing flag if you use xcodebuild in terminal.
  • Run!
./bluepill -a ./ -s ./SampleAppTestScheme.xcscheme -o ./output/

Alternatively, you can use a configuration file like the one below:

   "app": "./", # Relative path or abs path
   "scheme-path": "./SampleAppTestScheme.xcscheme", # Relative path or abs path
   "output-dir": "./build/" # Relative path or abs path

And run

./bluepill -c config.json


A full list supported options are listed here.

Config Arguments Command Line Arguments Explanation Required Default value
app -a The path to the host application to execute (your .app) Y n/a
output-dir -o Directory where to put output log files (bluepill only) Y n/a
scheme-path -s The scheme to run tests Y n/a
config -c Read options from the specified configuration file instead of the command line N n/a
device -d On which device to run the app. N iPhone 6
exclude -x Exclude a testcase in the set of tests to run (takes priority over include). N empty
headless -H Run in headless mode (no GUI). N off
xcode-path -X Path to xcode. N xcode-select -p
include -i Include a testcase in the set of tests to run (unless specified in exclude). N all tests
json-output -J Print test timing information in JSON format. N off
junit-output -j Print results in JUnit format. N true
list-tests -l Only list tests in bundle N false
num-sims -n Number of simulators to run in parallel. (bluepill only) N 4
plain-output -p Print results in plain text. N true
printf-config -P Print a configuration file suitable for passing back using the -c option. N n/a
error-retries -R Number of times we'll recover from app crashing/hanging and continue running N 5
failure-tolerance -f The number of retries on any failures (app crash/test failure) N 0
only-retry-failed -F When failure-tolerance > 0, only retry tests that failed N false
runtime -r What runtime to use. N 10.2
stuck-timeout -S Timeout in seconds for a test that seems stuck (no output). N 300s
test-timeout -T Timeout in seconds for a test that is producing output. N 300s
test -t The path to the test bundle to execute (single .xctest). N n/a
additional-xctests n/a Additional XCTest bundles that is not Plugin folder N n/a
repeat-count -C Number of times we'll run the entire test suite (used for load testing). N 1
no-split -N Test bundles you don't want to be packed into different groups to run in parallel. N n/a
quiet -q Turn off all output except fatal errors. N YES
help -h Help. N n/a




Latest Xcode (Xcode 8.2.1).

Q & A

  • Are we able to run Xcode UI Testing bundle with Bluepill

    Unfortunately, we don't support Xcode UI Testing bundles yet and we are working on that [help wanted]. iOS Unit Testing Bundle is the one we support, which includes KIF tests, EarlGrey tests.

  • Easiest way to get Bluepill binary?

    Latest release.

  • How to test Bluepill in Xcode

    Select BPSampleApp scheme and build it first. Then you can switch back to bluepill or bluepill-cli scheme to run their tests.

  • How to get Bluepill binary from source?

    Run ./ build to test and build Bluepill. The binary will be output in the ./build folder.

  • How to test my changes to Bluepill?

    Run ./scripts/ test.