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bobo-contrib todo
- resolve lucene 3.0.x/"3.5 + LUCENE-3627" difference between bobo and bobo-contrib.
btree-bitwise-interlace-geosearch todo
- add locality of reference to preserve triangle-tree overlay, helps
if not in-memory
- add refinement step for values in range, for the case where geosearch
distance is the dominant score component, including narrowing the
range from block to block of docids. this will hit answers even faster
at the expense of an imprecise hitcount, which is often tolerable
particularly for large indexes
- add refinement step from the paper, for narrowing the boundaries on
dense hits sorted by distance
- fix merge out-of-order condition
- provide cleaner geo index merge and deletion support. Either via
lucene 4.x flexible indexing(when released) or a patch to lucene 3.x
that provides the appropriate extension points
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