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upgrade to lucene 3.4.0

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1 parent 788c254 commit 0534b6cf1f201a045450ce0bcdb0c38f76290a8a @javasoze javasoze committed Sep 17, 2011
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
<dependency org="xerces" name="xmlParserAPIs" rev="2.6.2" conf="master"/>
<dependency org="org.directwebremoting" name="dwr" rev="3.0.M1" conf="master"/>
<dependency org="org.apache.ant" name="ant" rev="1.7.1" conf="master"/>
- <dependency org="org.apache.lucene" name="lucene-core" rev="3.3.0" conf="master"/>
+ <dependency org="org.apache.lucene" name="lucene-core" rev="3.4.0" conf="master"/>
<dependency org="fastutil" name="fastutil" rev="5.0.5" conf="master"/>
<dependency org="com.thoughtworks.xstream" name="xstream" rev="1.3.1" conf="master"/>
<dependency org="org.json" name="json" rev="20080701" conf="master"/>

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