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This repository

Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js

Dust Build Status

This is the LinkedIn fork of Dust.

Getting Started

A quick tutorial for how to use Dust

More info and


Read more here:

For LinkedIn dust-helpers:

For LinkedIn secure-filters :

Building Dust locally

Grab a copy of the repo

cd some_project_directory
git clone dustjs
cd dustjs

(Optional) Install Grunt-cli

npm install -g grunt-cli

fetch all the node dependencies

npm install

Run jshint and tests

grunt test

Contributing to Dust

setup a branch for what you are working on

git checkout -b myBranchName

Run jshint and tests

grunt test

... alternatively, run the watcher which hints and tests as you code

grunt watch

Add unit tests

Unit tests can be found in the test/jasmine-tests/spec directory

Add an issue and send a pull request

Pull requests are easier to track if you also include an issue sending a pull request from a branch makes it easier for you to resolve conflicts in master

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