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This repository holds context helpers for Dust.

Context helpers are augments to the core Dust template syntax. It's possible to write your own helpers and extend the functionality of Dust's templating system.

The helpers we provide as part of this repository fulfill some of the most common use cases encountered while using Dust. We provide official support for these helpers as part of the core Dust library.


The helpers addon package is published on npm as dustjs-helpers. Its version number tracks the main dustjs-linkedin package in the following manner:

dustjs-helpers 1.X supports dustjs-linkedin 2.X and 2.X+1. For example, dustjs-helpers 1.5 supports dustjs-linkedin >= 2.5.0 < 2.7

Deprecating Functionality

Deprecated features will be surfaced via the changelog and will throw a log WARN when they are used. The WARN points to the deprecated features page.

Any non-deprecated feature is guaranteed to be available for the entire life of all versions of Dust supported by that version of the helpers.

For example, a feature that is deprecated in version 1.4.1, which supports dustjs 2.4 and 2.5, will not be removed until at least version 1.6.0, which supports dustjs 2.6 and 2.7.

A feature that is deprecated in 1.5.0 could also be removed in version 1.6.0, since the feature was never present in a non-deprecated state in the 1.5 branch.

Contributing to the Helpers

We welcome pull requests! If your pull request adds new functionality or makes significant changes, it might be worth opening an issue first to trial your idea.

How to Contribute