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Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js


I like Mustache and variants but none of them offers quite what I need.

Use Dust if you want these things:

  • async/streaming operation
  • browser/node compatibility
  • extended Mustache/ctemplate syntax
  • clean, low-level API
  • high performance
  • composable templates

Composable templates?

  Child Title
  Child Content


In Node:

$ npm install dust

To render compiled templates in the browser:

<script src="dust-core-0.3.0.min.js"></script>

Demo & Guide

Extensive docs and a full demo are available at

Dust Helpers

Support logic helper @if

Example 1:

{@if cond="('{x}'.length || '{y}'.length ) || (2 > 3) && {a}-{b} == 9"} render if {:else} render else {/if}

Example 2: @if inside the loop# section

With {@if} helper and {@idx} helper


  • {/people

    With {@if} helper and the {$idx}


  • {/people}

    Example 3: Support exists check in the @if helper

    {@if cond="({{x}} || {{y}}) || (2 > 3) && {a}-{b} == 9"} You {:else} Me {/if}


  • {/people}


    {info} The $idx and $len will only work with maps and does not work within arrays , please use the @idx helper in that case, we think such cases will be rare{info}

    h3. here is a example it works

    sample JSON

    {code} { "fronttest_mapper_two": { "items": [{ "item": "pen" }, { "item": "pencil" }, { "item": "flower" }], "test": "TEST" }, } {code}


    Rendering items in a map

    {! items is a map !} {?items}

    1. {$idx} {$len} {.item}
      {@if cond="{$idx} == {$len}-1"}last{/if} {@if cond="{$idx} == {$len}-1"}last{:else} not last{/if}
    2. {/items}


    Rendering items in a map

    0 3 pen
    1 3 pencil
    2 3 last flowe


    h3. here is example $idx and $len will not work


    "fronttest_mapper_two": {
        "brands": ["b1", "b2", "b3"],


    How to make it work? Use the @idx helper {code} {! brand is a list !} {?brands}

      {#brands size="3"}
    1. {.} {@idx} {.}{@if cond="{.} == {size} - 1"} last {/if}{/idx}
    2. {/brands}


    Rendering brands in a list-------------------------------------------------------

    b1 0
    b2 1
    b3 2 last


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