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Asynchronous Javascript templating for the browser and server. This fork is maintained by LinkedIn.



Important: We recommend that you lock your version of Dust to a specific minor version, instead of a major version. By default, NPM will add "dustjs-linkedin": "^2.x.y" to your package.json, which will install new minor versions automatically.

npm install --save --production dustjs-linkedin
# If you want the dustc compiler available globally
npm install --global --production dustjs-linkedin

If you want to add the Dust helpers or secure filters:

npm install --save --production dustjs-helpers
npm install --save --production dustjs-filters-secure


bower install --save dustjs-linkedin

Get Started

  • Read for guides, tutorials, and documentation.
  • Check out the examples/ directory in the repo for simple examples to help you get started using Dust in a variety of ways.


  • The team provides support on Stack Overflow, so that's the best place to ask questions.
  • Bug or feature? We welcome issues and pull requests! If you'd like to submit a PR, check out the guide to contributing. PRs should include unit tests.