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Dust core unit-tests

In the current distribution of dust, we have unit tests in jasmine for both the client and the nodejs version. If you want to run the node.js version, use the following command:

 grunt test

Dust unit-tests using jasmine

If you want to run the client version use the following command to build the spec runner:

 grunt testClient

then navigate to http://localhost:3000/_SpecRunner.html

Running tests on node server version

  • install nodejs 0.6 or greater

  • install npm

  • install all dependencies by running in the package directory:

       npm install
  • and then run this command in the terminal

       grunt test

Running code coverage report

  • Code coverage is generated whenever you run the grunt test task. Run the tests

     grunt test

then open tmp/coverage/index.html in your browser of choice

on darwin use open tmp/coverage/index.html on Linux and the like use xdg-open tmp/coverage/index.html on win32 use start tmp/coverage/index.html