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I tried to fork just the wiki repo but apparently github doesn't allow you to do pull requests on just the wiki documentation. They should really do that.

Anyway, I ran into a frustrating use of array contexts today and wanted to share so that no one else goes through it.

In this code, {@if cond="{skuGroups.length} > 3"} skuGroups is an array located in my current context.

When I tried {@if cond="\'{skuGroups}.length\' > 3"} which is similar to some of the other if examples on the wiki, it didn't work. It did however work for a coworker of mine if skuGroups is a string.

I had to use {@if cond="{skuGroups.length} > 3"} this syntax for the array version. Which really makes sense if you think about it in terms of contexts and paths. I mean the length attribute is available at that level and accesible through the dot syntax.

So I think it would be helpful if you mention that in the Dust tutorial wiki. I would add it myself if I code.

Thoroughly enjoying all the great docs and development around this project. Keep up the good work!


@gmills82 thanks for the suggestion. we will add this example ASAP.


@gmills82 we have really deprecated the use of if helper for many other reasons.

@vybs vybs closed this Feb 21, 2013
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