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Any open source example apps using dust.js and node #202

VGraupera opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am new to dust.js and node, and I am having trouble finding any non-trivial, open source applications that make use of dust.js and node. I searched on github but didnt find much in terms of applications only libraries.

If there are any please share, or list on Wiki.

I also dont see any link to a discussion forum about dust.js.


I've been experimenting with rendering Dustjs templates from Redis in an Express CMS project. There are also modifications to Express's render function to support asynchronous rendering. Its not production code, but its more complex than a Hello World example.


@VGraupera thanks for the suggestion. I will add a section in the dustjs page, so we can add the projects using dust.

@vybs vybs closed this
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