Support user-added filters #205

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rragan commented Dec 13, 2012

Currently all filters are hard-coded into dust.js. Helpers can be user added and this is a supported extension point. Filters are useful for a different set of problems than helpers and could easily be made user-extendable in much the same manner.

I would suggest that filter names of the form x- be designated for user-extensions leaving the rest of the namespace for language expansion. Otherwise we would always be facing a backward-compatibility risk.

To increase the flexibility I would suggest passing context on down to the filters as mentioned in Issue 204. This gives them more flexibility. A benefit of filter extensions is that the resulting object can still be passed as a param, etc unlike when a helper is used.


vybs commented Dec 13, 2012

@jimmyhchan is working on this, as we realized the need for extensions to filters for html and js encoding.

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