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Semver is cool, let's do that

09 Sep 19:49
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Eyeglass is stable now and has all of the core features we planned it to have. This isn't a perfect 1.0 or anything but using 0.x releases makes the eyeglass needs option give warnings unecessarily so let's call this 1.0 and keep moving forward.

Since 0.8.0 we've added:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Windows support
  • Considerable internals refactoring
  • A built-in eyeglass module for working with files from within your Sass files. Filesystem Docs.
  • Support for consuming Sass modules that are not in NPM or even declared as "eyeglass modules".
  • Support for npm's peerDependencies.

Happy Styling!


25 Jan 21:00
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This is a bug fix release.

The following issues are now fixed:


  • Refactor the internals for how modules are stored and searched providing a cleaner internal API.


16 Dec 00:34
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  • In preparation for our upcoming 1.0 release, we are polishing our
    public API. You will get deprecation warnings in this release which
    will guide you through the update process.
  • Ensure custom importers are invoked with the correct context from
    node-sass. Fixes import-once so that it works with several build tools
    like gulp which share options across compiles. Fixes #83, #65
  • Handle hash fragments in asset urls. Fixes #75.
  • Fixed an edge case when project name matches an eyeglass module name.
  • The eyeglass-exports.js file is now optional as long as the
    sassDir of the project is specified in the package.json file.
  • The function asset-uri no longer returns the asset's uri wrapped in
    the css url() function. Use asset-url instead.
  • When passing relative paths to node-sass includePaths, eyeglass will
    now resolve them against the project's root directory.