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This project contains a set of glu scripts that have been contributed by the community. It also serves as an example on how to write and test glu scripts. Checkout the glu project for more details about glu.

How to write and test a glu script

First, you should check the documentation which gives some information about glu scripts.

Next, you should check the sample glu script checked in with this project which demonstrates how to use some basic features as well as how to write a unit test for your glu script. The javadoc is fairly extensive and should allow you to bootstrap pretty quickly.

You may also want to check a real-life glu script for more details about advanced features by checking the jetty glu script as well as its unit test.

If you want to embed glu scripts in your own build lifecycle, the critical piece is the dependencies section in the scripts/build.gradle file:

dependencies {
  compile spec.external.linkedinUtilsGroovy
  compile spec.external.gluAgentAPI
  groovy  spec.external.groovy

  testCompile spec.external.gluScriptsTestFwk
  testCompile spec.external.junit

which looks like this expanded (spec.external refers to the map defined in project-spect.groovy):

dependencies {
  compile "org.linkedin:org.linkedin.util-groovy:1.7.0"
  compile "org.linkedin:org.linkedin.glu.agent-api:3.1.0"
  groovy  "org.codehaus.groovy:groovy:1.7.5"

  testCompile "org.linkedin:org.linkedin.glu.scripts-test-fwk:3.1.0"
  testCompile "junit:junit:4.4"

Build configuration

The project uses the org.linkedin.userConfig plugin and as such can be configured

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