Oncall is a calendar tool designed for scheduling and managing on-call shifts. It can be used as source of dynamic ownership info for paging systems like http://iris.claims.
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See admin docs for information on how to run and manage Oncall.

Development setup


  • Debian/Ubuntu - sudo apt-get install libsasl2-dev python-dev libldap2-dev libssl-dev python-pip python-setuptools mysql-server mysql-client


python setup.py develop
pip install -e '.[dev]'

Setup mysql schema:

mysql -u root -p < ./db/schema.v0.sql

Setup app config by editing configs/config.yaml.

Optionally, you can import dummy data for testing:

mysql -u root -p -o oncall < ./db/dummy_data.sql


One of the following commands:

  • goreman start
  • procman start
  • make serve
  • oncall-dev ./configs/config.yaml


make test

Check out https://github.com/linkedin/oncall/issues for a list of outstanding issues, and tackle any one that catches your interest. Contributions are expected to be tested thoroughly and submitted with unit/end-to-end tests; look in the e2e directory for our suite of end-to-end tests.