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Download ZIP is a REST+JSON framework for building robust, scalable service architectures using dynamic discovery and simple asynchronous APIs.
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Add a load balancer strategy config to control whether only updating …

…partition state at the end of each internal
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Xialin Zhu authored
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buildSrc Deprecate 1.0 request builders.
build_script Remove unnecessary generator dependency from modules that generates d…
d2-contrib Factored out Netty.
d2-int-test Remove dependency to json
d2-schemas Create d2 configuration to change Accept-Encoding header.
d2 Add a load balancer strategy config to control whether only updating …
data-avro-1_6 SI-1952: (1) Enable file resolution for SchemaTranslator and (2) prop…
data-avro-generator New finer-grain data template and request builder generator classes a…
data-avro Better template spec generator interface.
data-transform Added required vs optional validation for partial updates.
data Fix for ActionResult<Void> return types throwing NPE
degrader Appease java 7:
examples bug fix in ConfigRunner of d2 quick-start example
generator-test Update testBadSchemas() test to be more resilient to code change.
generator Data generator generates unambiguous @see link.
gradle-plugins Better template spec generator interface.
gradle/wrapper Java 8 support for pegasus
li-jersey-uri Remove redundant warning suppressions.
log-test-config Adding log4j-to-log4j2 adapter
pegasus-common Making requests read-only.
r2-core Align response compression with request compression.
r2-filter-compression Create d2 configuration to change Accept-Encoding header.
r2-int-test Factored out Netty.
r2-jetty Factored out Netty.
r2-netty Create d2 configuration to change Accept-Encoding header.
r2-perf-test Factored out Netty.
r2-sample Factored out Netty.
r2-testutils Factored out Netty.
r2 Factored out Netty.
restli-client-parseq fix response impl
restli-client-testutils fix response impl
restli-client-util-recorder Factor out PatchRequestRecorder and related classes into a new module.
restli-client Fix for null valued optional parameters in ActionResponse
restli-common-testutils Fix Java 7 warning.
restli-common Fix for SI1927; fix expensive complex key creation. This change was o…
restli-contrib-spring Imported pegasus source
restli-docgen Factored out Netty.
restli-example-api Produce sorted snapshot files
restli-example-client Factored out Netty.
restli-example-server Factored out Netty.
restli-extras Factored out Netty.
restli-guice-bridge Factored out Netty.
restli-int-test-api Fix for ActionResult<Void> return types throwing NPE
restli-int-test-client Migrate to log4j2 internally in pegasus
restli-int-test-server Fix for ActionResult<Void> return types throwing NPE
restli-int-test Fix for ActionResult<Void> return types throwing NPE
restli-internal-testutils Java 8 support for pegasus
restli-netty-standalone Factored out Netty.
restli-server-extras Factored out Netty.
restli-server-standalone Factored out Netty.
restli-server-testutils Factored out Netty.
restli-server Add additional methods to expose finder and action items to request c…
restli-spring-bridge Factored out Netty.
restli-tools-scala Introduce doc support for action return types
restli-tools Avoid modifying static method builder suffix map in RequestBuilderSpe…
test-util Imported pegasus source
tools Imported pegasus source
.gitignore Add new API to Ring: getIterator(int)
.reviewboardrc Add Review Board support.
CHANGELOG Add a load balancer strategy config to control whether only updating …
LICENSE.TXT RB=97682 Add LICENSE.TXT, using version recommended by Alejandro Pere… Fix spelling Added 2.*.* release notes. Add protocol 2 URIs for BatchGetRequestBuilderTest.
build.gradle Fix build.gradle signing process to enable mavin release.
checkout-tag Fix glitch of checkout-tag script that print message regardless of gi…
defaultEnvironment.gradle Migrate code from EasyMock 2.4 to 3.1. Update changelog and version number.
gradlew Use Gradle 1.12.
gradlew.bat RB=97672 Add gradle-wrapper, to ensure predictable gradle version for…
release-version Fix release-version.
settings.gradle Factor out compression filter implementations to a new module (r2-fil… is an open source REST framework for building robust, scalable RESTful architectures using type-safe bindings and asynchronous, non-blocking IO. fills a niche for applying RESTful principals at scale with an end-to-end developer workflow for buildings REST APIs that promotes clean REST practices, uniform interface design and consistent data modeling.

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  • End-to-end framework for building RESTful APIs
  • Approachable APIs for writing non-blocking client and server code using ParSeq
  • Type-safe development using generated data and client bindings
  • JAX-RS inspired annotation driven server side resource development
  • Engineered and battle tested for high scalability and high availability
  • Optional Dynamic Discovery subsystem adds client side load balancing and fault tolerance
  • Backward compatibility checking to ensure all API changes are safe
  • Support for batch operations, partial updates and projections
  • Web UI for browsing and searching a catalog of APIs.



See our wiki for full documentation and examples.


Quickstart Guides and Examples

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