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This is a standalone example that demonstrates a very simple RestLi client and server. The code and logic behind it is described in detail in:

Please execute all commands below in the examples/quickstart folder

To build, use gradle 1.8 or greater. If you need, you can run ../../gradlew wrapper to generate a ./gradlew wrapper in this sample directory that will use gradle 1.8. If you do this, use ./gradlew instead of gradle for the remainder of this README.

gradle publishRestliIdl
gradle build

The first line is required to initially propagate the pdsc and idl changes. Subsequent builds can be run with only gradle build

You can then run the server with:

gradle JettyRunWar

Once running, you can send a GET request to the server with:

curl -v http://localhost:8080/fortunes/1

or run the client with

gradle startFortunesClient