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This sub-project consists of a few files extracted from Sun's Jersey server source.

They are used to crawl annotations in the RestLi server and there are a few general utility
classes as well.

It was not possible to use jersey-server directly due to its dependence on ASM 3.0.
Unfortunately, network depends on ASM 1.5 and the APIs are incompatible.  Thus, these classes
were backported to the old ASM 1.5 API.

Ultimately, rest-framework needs to break its dependence on these classes before Pegasus
can be open sourced.  Options for doing this include, in order of preference:

1. Find another package, lighter weight than Jersey, that provides the needed functionality
2. Implement the needed functionality ourselves
3. Resolve the ASM dependency issues and use the canonical jersey-server.jar

Update 1 October 2011:

Added source for all the classes to compile Jersey's UrlBuilder stuff.
This includes a few classes like SpiMessages.java that were generated
by Jersey's maven build.  The source used is from the 1.5 release tag
for Jersey: