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Scala Integration

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SBT Plugin is fully integrated with the SBT build system through an SBT plugin. See SBT Plugin.

Writing Resources in Scala resource classes may be written in Scala, for example:

 * A sample scala resource.
@RestLiCollection(name="sampleScala", namespace = "com.example.restli")
class SampleScalaResource extends CollectionResourceTemplate[java.lang.Long, Sample] with PlayRequest {

   * A sample scala get.
  override def get(key: java.lang.Long): Sample = {
    val message = "hello world"

    new Sample()
      .setMessage(s"You got this from a Scala Resource: ${message}!")


Scaladoc is supported using a plugin. This is currently ONLY available for scala 2.10. To enable the plugin in Gradle, modify your build.gradle files, adding a dependency on restli-tools-scala and depending on it the module that contains your resource Scala classes.

project.ext.externalDependency = [
  // ...
  'scalaLibrary_2_10': 'org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.10.3',
  "restliToolsScala_2_10" : "com.linkedin.pegasus:restli-tools-scala_2.10:"+pegasusVersion
apply plugin: 'pegasus'
apply plugin: 'scala'

ext.apiProject = ...
dependencies {
  // ...
  compile externalDependency.scalaLibrary_2_10
  compile externalDependency.restliToolsScala_2_10
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