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distributed realtime searchable database
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apps/query-console more ui pretty up
bin Pass all parameters to in
clients Introducing SimpleTFSimilarity to have tf of 1 for ranking purposes.
docs Bumping version to 1.5.8-SNAPSHOT.
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lib Kafka 0.8 upgrade
perf Bumping version to 1.5.8-SNAPSHOT.
protobuf Adding support for custom query class and custom collector
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sandbox-repo - Merged cnc-branch.
sensei-core Change Sensei querylog log level to Debug from Info
sensei-federated-broker change querylog level Info to Debug
sensei-gateways Adding indexing error + timeout metrics
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defaultEnvironment.gradle Ported to gradle build system, made tests to work from automation/ide Bump up own version to 1.5.55
pom.xml Bumping version to 1.5.8-SNAPSHOT.
settings.gradle Put proper project names to sensei-java-client.jar and sensei.war

What is Sensei


Sensei is a distributed, elastic realtime searchable database.


Wiki is available at:


Issues are tracked at:

Mailing List / Discussion Group

Getting Started

  1. Build

  2. Start ZooKeeper

    ./bin/ resources/
  3. Run a search node(s)

    bin/ example/cars/conf
  4. Starting command-line client app

    bin/ host port (default: localhost 8080)


Go to web console: http://localhost:8080

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