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alperez and others added some commits Apr 6, 2012
alperez Downgrading hadoop. cf1ea92
alperez Upgrading the fastutil version. 06fdc58
alperez Changed zoie package references. cd1c4a7
alperez Bumping the used zoie version. bb0f120
alperez Changing import for bobo. 6e6ee58
alperez Merge branch 'feature/packageChange' cbf344a
alperez Some changes to the plugin system.
Added some javadocs.
Enforced lifecicle for plugins.
Removed a few double stop and double start cases in the tests.
alperez Fixed typos. 8d9ebaa
Spike Merge pull request #38 from linkedin/feature/pluginFrameworkChanges
Some changes to the plugin system.
@santip santip Added support for JSONP on the broker api ca06332
Terence Yim Use _zoieSystemMap.keySet instead as the _dataCollectorMap is not pop…
…ulated yet.
@alejandroperez alejandroperez Merge pull request #48 from linkedin/bugfix/gateway-partition-set
Use _zoieSystemMap.keySet instead as the _dataCollectorMap is not populated yet.
Reviewed by Volodymir.
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