Transformation of UnifiedViews pipelines to LinkedPipes ETL pipelines
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Transformation of UnifiedViews pipelines to LinkedPipes ETL pipelines.

Input is the ZIP file pipeline export from UnifiedViews, output is the JSON-LD file containing LP-ETL pipeline that can be uploaded.

The output file name is optional, if not specified, the input filename is used and the .jsonld extension is appended.

Usage: java -jar uv2etl.jar -i {UV_PIPELINE_ZIP} [-o {LP_PIPELINE_JSON}]

Note: The transformation needs to be implemented for each UV DPU separately. Right now, we have a majority of Core DPUs for RDF transformations done. If a DPU is present in the UV export for which the transformation is not implemented yet, it will be omitted in the LP-ETL pipeline. In that case, either raise a Transformation request issue, or even better, create a pull request for that DPU.