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Linkerd lifecycle test configuration

Production testing Linkerd2's discovery & caching.

The goal of this test suite is to run an outbound proxy for a prolonged amount of time in a dynamically-scheduled environment in order to exercise:

  • Route resource lifecyle (i.e. routes are properly evicted)
  • Telemetry resource lifecycle (i.e. prometheus can run steadily for a long time, proxy doesn't leak memory in exporter).
  • Service discovery lifecycle (i.e. updates are honored correctly, doesn't get out sync).

First time setup

This environment creates a ClusterRole, which requires your user to have this ability.

kubectl create clusterrolebinding cluster-admin-binding-$USER \
  --clusterrole=cluster-admin --user=$(gcloud config get-value account)

Batch Deploy / Scale / Teardown

Deploy 3 lifecycle environments:

linkerd install --linkerd-namespace linkerd-lifecycle | kubectl apply -f -
bin/deploy 3

Scale 3 lifecycle environments to 3 replicas of bb-broadcast, bb-p2p, and bb-terminus each:

bin/scale 3 3

Total mesh-enabled pod count == 1 linkerd ns * (3*replicas+2)

Teardown 3 lifecycle environments:

bin/teardown 3

kubectl delete ns linkerd-lifecycle

Individual Deploy / Scale / Teardown


Install Linkerd service mesh:

linkerd install --linkerd-namespace linkerd-lifecycle | kubectl apply -f -
linkerd dashboard --linkerd-namespace linkerd-lifecycle

Deploy test framework to lifecycle namespace:

export LIFECYCLE_NS=lifecycle
kubectl create ns $LIFECYCLE_NS
cat lifecycle.yml | linkerd inject --linkerd-namespace linkerd-lifecycle - | kubectl -n $LIFECYCLE_NS apply -f -

Scale bb-broadcast, bb-p2p, and bb-terminus:

kubectl -n $LIFECYCLE_NS scale --replicas=3 deploy/bb-p2p deploy/bb-terminus


Browse to Grafana:

linkerd dashboard --linkerd-namespace linkerd-lifecycle --show grafana

Tail slow-cooker logs:

kubectl -n $LIFECYCLE_NS logs -f $(
  kubectl -n $LIFECYCLE_NS get po --selector=app=slow-cooker -o jsonpath='{.items[*]}'
) slow-cooker

Relevant Grafana dashboards to observe

  • Linkerd Deployment, for route lifecycle and service discovery lifecycle
  • Prometheus 2.0 Stats, for telemetry resource lifecycle


kubectl delete ns $LIFECYCLE_NS
kubectl delete ns linkerd-lifecycle
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