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The 0.8.5 release focused primarily on bugfixes, polish, and internal changes that set us up for future work. We did introduce one or two interesting new features, most notably better control of circuit breaking.

New features:

  • The circuit breaking method is now configurable via the failureAccrual parameter. Setting this allows you to change the way that misbehaving instances are removed from the loadbalancing pool in new and exciting ways. (Look for a blog post about this soon!)
  • The default docker images now use a 64 bit JVM, allowing us to bring in boringssl extensions required for ALPN, etc. We continue to produce 32-bit images under a -32b suffix.
  • Marathon integration now includes ip-per-task support.


  • http2 bugfix for request with URI parameters.
  • Sanity restored to the admin dashboard. Dashboard graphs should be usable again.
  • linkerd now writes the local dtab to the l5d-ctx-dtab header instead of dtab-local, as the docs have (correctly) suggested.
  • The localhost transformer now works on systems with unresolvable hostnames. CentOS DC/OS users, among others, will be happy.

Internal work that sets us up for future exciting features:

  • We've added theio.l5d.namerd.http interpreter which uses namerd's streaming HTTP api.
  • Transformers will now prepend a prefix to the id of the bound names they modify.
  • We've introduce the grpc-gen and grpc-runtime projects, enabling code generation of gRPC clients and servers for Finagle. This means linkerd will be able to make use of gRPC APIs. Stay tuned for some of the exciting ways we are thinking of using this.