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@adleong adleong released this Jul 13, 2018 · 85 commits to master since this release

Linkerd 1.4.5 contains some minor bugfixes and introduces two much-requested features. First, it is
now possible to selectively disable Linkerd's admin endpoints, e.g., keep the UI functional but to
disable the shutdown endpoint. A huge thanks to Robert Panzer for all his hard work on this.

Second, we've added experimental support for the OpenJ9 JVM.
Preliminary tests with OpenJ9 exhibit a 3x reduction in startup time, a 40% reduction in memory
footprint, and a 3x reduction in p99 latency. You can find a Linkerd+OpenJ9 Docker image at
buoyantio/linkerd:1.4.5-openj9-experimental on Docker Hub.

Full release notes:

  • Add an OpenJ9 configuration for building a Docker image with the OpenJ9 JVM
  • Fix a NullPointerException when using the -validate flag
  • Fix an error where diagnostic tracing did not work when receiving a chunk encoded response
  • Admin
    • Add a security section to the admin config that controls which admin endpoints are enabled
  • HTTP/2
    • Fix a memory leak when there are a large number of reset streams
    • Allow HTTP/2 response classifiers to be loaded as plugins
  • Namerd
    • Fix a memory leak in the the io.l5d.mesh interpreter when idle services are reaped
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